July 4 1776

On that day, the Declaration of Independence, prepared by Thomas Jefferson, was approved and signed by John Hancock – President of the Continental Congress – and Charles Thomson, Congress secretary (from : HistoryNet).

In those days, the USA still had a bright future and represented the hope of the civilised world.

I wish all Americans the very best, but what I see does not inspire much confidence. They are getting deeper and deeper entangled in world problems they cannot possibly solve by themselves and they have become super champions at infighting.

But - never forget - if they had said "Europe is not our problem", this continent might, and probably would, have sunk into a ferocious barbarian state. And that did'n happen once, but twice : over 90 years ago and again almost 70 years ago.

Our deepest gratitude will always be a poor compensation for all the American and allied blood that was spilt for our liberty.

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