Political illiteracy

"Political illiteracy might be an unkind and therefore seldom used term. However, it is not a recent phenomenon. As freedom spread – primarily the right to vote and majority-legitimized governance are meant - the inability to comprehend neglected politics, and therefore the limited comprehension of the consequences of political decisions, have produced tragic results."

Found on : http://www.brusselsjournal.com/node/4502. That blog is not one of my favorites - far from it. But this comment is relevant.

From where I am sitting, the results of June 13 vote in Flanders appear to prove that position.

Yesterday I participated in a family party and one of the participants, a very nice guy by the way, a man with a golden heart, vented his political "insights". My thoughts drifted away and I thought that universal vote is not always a good thing. Some people need to be protected from themselves.

But then, who am I, or who is anybody, to decide what other people should think. That is the beginning of the end indeed. It is so much better to let people think what they want, and to accept the consequences. That is one of the costs of freedom.

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