A quote from an official website :

"While Flemish people are certainly receptive to the world, they will never forget their own culture and language. They realise that they are strong thanks to the constant interaction between their own ideas and traditions and those of other peoples and cultures. They regard intercultural contacts and polyglotism as an enrichment and not as a threat to their own identity."

For more idealistic horse manure, see : http://www.flanders.be/servlet/Satellite?c=Page&cid=1166590837259&context=1166590833692--EN&p=1166590837082&pagename=flanders_site%2FView.

Either the author of that paragraph is blind, lives in an ivory tower, or has not been reading the Flemish papers and listened to the Flemish media for years on end now. He most certainly does not understand the difference between his (very attractive) wishful dreams and harsh reality.

An antidote : http://blog.marcelsel.com/archive/2010/08/27/les-flamands-sont-formidables.html#more.

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piet azijn said...

Kon zo uit een opstel van een twaalfjarige student geplukt zijn.