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Stolen from an American blog :

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing to complain about the quality and freshness of your (brand name) milk. Every week for the past several months, the milk that my wife and I purchase from your ... location has gone sour prior to the "sell by" date stamped on the container. We thought perhaps there may have been something wrong with our refrigerator, such as the door not sealing when closed, or the temperature not being set low enough. We checked those things and also purchased milk from a few of your competitors in an attempt to isolate the problem. Your competitors' milk all remained fresh beyond the "sell by" date.

I've been contemplating this letter for a while, but was finally forced to write it tonight. My wife and I returned from our (company name) shop not more than 30 minutes ago. We opened the brand new carton of milk with an expiration date more than a week away and found it to be spoiled already.

I read the assurance of quality label on your packaging and I know that I could go back to the store and exchange it for another carton. However, that is neither convenient or worth my time and fuel. Nor does it address the real problem.

I am not threatening to never shop at your stores again, but I am certainly not buying (company name) milk for the foreseeable future. I will buy from another source. I may try your milk again after several months to see if the issue has been resolved.

I do not know if this experience is isolated to just the milk I buy, or if all of the milk from this particular store or dairy is of the same quality. I must assume that the issue does not plague your entire company, or surely you would have addressed the problem already.

Thank You,

A customer

Dear customer,

Thank you for your recent customer feedback concerning our (brand name) milk. We are sorry that the quality of the product has not met with your expectations. Your feedback is important to us and we can assure you that we treat all customer input very seriously.

Our company strives to maintain the highest levels of quality for all of our products. If at any time you feel one of our products has not lived up to our guarantee, you may return it to the place of purchase for a full refund or replacement.

Please accept our sincere apologies for any inconvenience this experience may have caused. As a token of our sincerity, we have included with this letter several coupons for free (brand name) milk redeemable at any of our stores.

Thank you again for taking the time to write to us.


(Company name)

Sure enough, there were $10 worth of free milk coupons inside. Needless to say we did not redeem them. Free spoiled milk is still spoiled milk.

That is customer service for you, and not only in America !!

Hat tip to duchezny.

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