Banksters and losers

Pablo Triana tells us that in finance, history is often written by "losers".

"A lot of the people who just sank us are still running things, shaping the future for all of us. A lot of losers remain in positions of financial influence. How many Subprime CDO traders, structures, and salesmen who caused trillions of dollars in losses are still holding highly-paid jobs on Wall Street or the City? How many theoreticians who failed to predict and who sponsored destructive math are still being employed by universities and banks? How many regulators who failed to police and who allowed (in fact, enforced) the toxic leverage are still dictating policy?

Far too many. Finance may be the only place on Earth where so many people who failed so much are not castigated, reprimanded, or forever banned from the premises. Losers are allowed to stay. Be not surprised then if a future similar destruction is duly unleashed."

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