Oh, so tired ...

For starters :

"Coral reefs around the world are worth a staggering $172 billion dollars a year to the global economy. But the wealth of the oceans' reefs, and their amazing monetary value, is on the verge of being destroyed."

For main course and dessert : http://edition.cnn.com/2009/TECH/science/11/01/value.nature.conservation/index.html.

The assumptions above and in the article may very well be true, and then they may not be true. How many times have I heard the songs about the coral reef, the tropical rain forests and so on ??

I'm getting tired, oh so tired with all these self appointed experts (climatologists, geographists, philosophers, economists, phsychologists, sociologists and other scientists, ... even Joe Sixpack) and so on and so forth spouting their own gospel about the threats to and the end of the natural world.

Writing the umpieth article about the problem is not going to save our environment, indeed it adds to the problem by destroying valuable resources (such as energy and wood).

If these publicists really are serious about the threat to our natural world, let them fight the free market system and put their governments under pressure to install direct, if small, measures instead of major declarations. That might help.

And don't, just don't support the sharks who are ready to destroy the ecosphere for money. Don't play their game by trying to put a totally fictional valuation on natural resources !!!

We are not about money ; the world is not about money. Money is a tool, not an (and most certainly not "the") objective !

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