Over-regulation ???

"European bankers on Tuesday warned that excessive regulation in response to the global financial crisis would endanger growth in the real economy, although some international officials insisted tougher rules and an end to taxpayer-funded bank bail-outs remained essential for recovery.

Stephen Green, chairman of HSBC, Europe’s biggest bank, said there was a “real danger” that doctrinaire policy and demands that banks hold more capital could have perverse effects on the economy and society."

Read : http://www.ft.com/cms/s/0/f694ed24-d3b8-11de-8caf-00144feabdc0.html.

The arrogance ! This is almost as bad as the other bankster who last week declared that he was doing God's work.

If you replace "perverse" by "beneficial" and "economy and society" by "banks", you might get a bit closer to the truth !

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