Once more - the plague

Joanna Van Tricht was born in Pamel on January 3 1626. She had one child from her first marriage but we do not know what became of the child. She remarried Joannes Heymans in Pamel on July 11 1660. Joannes was born on July 15 1625.

But disaster struck : their only child died on October 10 1668 in Pamel. Its father died two days later on October 12 1668 of the plague ; and the plague killed Joanna one day later, on October 13 1668. The records do not inform us about the sex and age of the child, and we do not know its name ; but it is evident that it died of the plague too.

As I wrote before, the plague decimated the Pamel population in 1668 ...

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