A dramatic life

Maria Mattens was not an ancestor of mine, but she married one. Her life must have been quite dramatic.

She was born in Lennik (we do not yet know when) and had four children with her first husband Franciscus Van Lierde (date and place of birth unknown). The four children were born in Pamel.

- Norbertina was born in on December 8 1734 - we have nu further information on her ;

- Sebastianus was born on February 4 1740 and died on October 30 1743, three years old ;
- Anna was born in Pamel on March 3 1738 and died on November 24 1745, seven years old ;
- Jan Baptist was born in Pamel on February 29 1736 and died on November 27 1745, three days after his younger sister Anna ; he was nine years old.

Franciscus Van Lierde died in Pamel on May 9 1743, a couple of months after his last born son Sebastianus.

On November 11 1741, some months after the death of Franciscus, Maria Mattens remarried Gerardus Martinus Van Lierde who was born in Idegem before 1723. He may have been a relation of Franciscus. Gerardus Martinus is an ancestor of mine.

Maria and Gerardus Martinus had one child Maria Joanna who lived for a couple of days : from May 3 1743 to May 7 1743.

Maria Mattens, probably broken and sick, died two days later on May 9 1743.

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