I have a lot of problems with my desktop. The main problem apparently "resides" in the interface (is that the correct term ?) between Internet Explorer and Google. More often than not Google produces an ip address and then stops - no website is forthcoming. Job apparently done.

A smart friend told me not to start in Google, but in Internet Explorer with a blank screen. That helps indeed. And that was good advice too, because before I got it, I had to restart my computer to solve the problem. I had to restart it all the time.

I have problems with Outlook Express - even the simplest appendices take minutes to send. And the general speed of my desktop has gone to hell.

Installing new software has become a real adventure, with Microsoft programmes apparently fighting other and older Microsoft programmes and updates taking forever and a day.

One of the results has been that I have kicked Microsoft Live Messenger off my machine for ever. I just used it for chatting, which is an idiotic way of communication anyway.

Planned obsolescence of a three to four year old equipment ? A totally incompetent user ? Both ?

I keep bothering a couple of friends, without whom my desktop and blogging adventure would have ended a long time ago. But recently, I have had to overdo it, calling them in all the time. I am sure they have better and more interesting things to do for themselves.

I am in dire need of a desktop exorcist.

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