A follow up

Gerardus Martinus Van Lierde, the second husband of Maria Mattens, thus was a witness to the death of three out of four of his wife's children and then lost Maria and his own daughter in a couple of days (see the previous post).

But things could go fast in those times. Maria died on May 9 1743 and on September 3 1743 Gerardus Martinus married Elisabeth Baveghems "rentenierster" (a woman of independent means, whatever that meant at that time) who was born in Pamel on September 7 1723, a daughter to Joannes (1681 - 1737) and Joanna Maria De Vidts (1683 - 1726).

Elisabeth gave birth to seven children : we know for a fact that three of them died in young age too.

Gerardus Martinus himself died in Pamel on April 6 1754. His youngest daughter Catharina Theresia was born almost two months later on May 25 1754, but she was one of the three who didn't make it : she died, less than a year old, on March 29 1755.

On January 11 1755, months after the death of Gerardus Martinus, Elisabeth married Petrus De Kerpel (ca 1727 - 1792) but, to the best of our knowledge, they had no offspring. Elisabeth died in Pamel on June 29 1807.

As stated a number of times before, I descend from Joannes Josephus Van Lierde (Pamel June 19 1746 - April 1 1811), the second child and second son of Elisabeth and Gerardus Martinus and a miller like his father. On January 26 1782 he married Maria Josina Covens (Pamel October 8 1759 - April 12 1827).

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