Bankers 1 - Consumers 0

By the way, just for your information, a bit of news from the USA :

"As Congress this week inches toward a new set of rules to avert another global financial collapse, it is focused on two conflicting goals: reforming the banking system to protect consumers while still giving lenders the freedom to take risks.
So far the score looks like: Bankers 1, Consumers 0.
More than a year after a wave of risky mortgage bets brought Wall Street to its knees, banks and other financial institutions are still playing by the same rules that got them into the mess."

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Pablo Carpintero said...

Ik lees ook : "Merkel en Sarkozy willen speculanten uithongeren." Een zéér sympatiek initiatief, maar hoe realistisch ?

Lees :

Zonder de USA is de slaagkans van dat initiatief miniem, en de kans dat de USA meedoet is praktisch nul komma nul.