Some updates found in the second edition of Dr Herman Van Isterdael's "Families en personen te Okegem ...".

Not only the work holds proof that my ancestor Jacobus Neukermans was born in Denderwindeke in 1695. It gives an additional generation in my ascendancy : Petrus Neukermans and his wife Anna Van den Houte, who lived in in Denderwindeke ; this is another link with the Van den Houte family, a name which pops up in different branches of my family tree. The "provenance" of Jacobus had been a mystery for years, ever since my uncle Geen and his cousin Albert started their research.

It also gives a wealth of information concerning the ascendancy of Jacobus's wife Maria De Winne. In the first edition of his magistral work, Dr Van Isterdael had not been able to link Maria to the De Winne families in Okegem. A small piece of paper in the registers has solved that mystery. He now has proof of her ascendancy which results in several additional generations in Okegem, Iddergem a.s.o., including an additional link to the Muylaert family. I haven't yet added these generations to my ancestor chart. I hope that my eye problems will be "solved" in a couple of months, which would allow me to focus on that study again : but in the meantime, I know that another small piece of the veil has be lifted ...


B.N. said...

"A small piece of paper"?

Can you describe what kind of document this is?

Pablo Carpintero said...

To the best of my knowledge it is a loose piece of paper found in the parish registers. To be absolutely certain I would have to ask Dr Herman Van Isterdael.

In the second edition of his "Families en personen te Okegem ..." on page 574 he writes : "Het bewijs van afstamming van Maria De Winne staat op een los papiertje in parochieregister 3".