TV and pub

Once again, Telenet has changed the programs on its analog channels. The choices can only be understood if one accepts that the places on the cable are sold to the highest bidder. The quality of the programs most certainly is not an issue ; the average reality tv program is just good enough to be erased for ever, and is a scandalous waste of limited resources.

On TV I see programs and games which I would not have dared propose to the teenagers I worked with fourty - fifty years ago. They would have defenestrated me !

I see the time coming when the average quality of the pub on TV will be significantly higher than the average "quality" of the programs. The programs just have to support and carry the pub.

All other explanations are horse manure.

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pablo c said...

Het nieuw toegevoegde Discovery Channel is een militaristisch-imperialistische ramp en technologische reality tv. Brrrr.