I thought it was high time for my dear readers to get a picture of the author of this blog.

No, I'm not in the first one.

Quite by accident, I figure in the center right of the second picture, taken at a fountain of good cheer in Le Lauzet Ubaye in south-eastern France.

Hat tip and thanks to Mireille, who made and sent the pictures to your not so humble servant.


Pablo Carpintero said...

Because I have a lot of American readers, I shall add that the guy in the first picture is Napoleon Bonaparte, as figured on the "prairie de la rencontre" on the route Napoleon, not far from Grenoble.

The Tyranosaurus wavriensis said...

Happy to see you are in good shape and enjoying life.
When to have the pleasure to meet with you?

Pablo Carpintero said...

Hallo Tyranosaurus wavriensis.
Same here ! You just say the word.