My nightmare

American cultural and economic imperialism, both founded on the dogm of free markets and competition, may end in the deepest depression ever known to mankind.

No right minded European would regret the implosion of American cultural imperialism - it has brought preciously little to the world.

I myself would not regret the demise of American economic imperialism, were it not that I do not see a better system to take over. That better system has to be built from scratch , and has to be based on people centered principles instead of on greed. Not an easy objective to attain. A prolonged period of chaos and/of war for influence looks more likely indeed.

And unfortunately, neither of the presidential candidates in the USA appears to have the superhuman gifts which will be required to lead the world out of its present mess - probably no single person has - but my worst worry is that they may not even be fully aware of the seriousness of the problem.

The whole system trembles and shakes, and the foundations are giving away. From the bottom of my heart, I hope to be proven wrong, but I am not counting on it ...

Armageddon after all ?

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Anonymous said...

Many prominent people still believe we are living a financial and moral crisis, but not a crisis of the system.