I never listen to the news on radio or TV. The focus on unsignificant local events, the strictly enforced political correctness, the superficiality and utter subjectivity of the "analysis", and the pompous tone of most of the news readers send me into orbit.

The only way I'm exposed to it is by zapping. And yesterday, zapping happily along, I got a choice morsel of news on VTM.

They were reporting on the fires in California, and added that these were spreading to the "West coast of California", where some very expensive houses were threatened by the flames. That was not a lapse ; the expression "West coast of California" was repeated at least once.

The West coast of California .... I thought I had seen some of the main sights in California, but obviously I haven't. I wonder what the East coast of California looks like. Maybe, I should listen to the news more often and learn.

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