Facebook once more

I have posted what I think about Facebook on a couple of previous occasions. I am not interested and I just can't be bothered. Period.

This has nothing at all to do with the people who invite me ; quite to the contrary, I am flattered. But there are a zillion other ways to keep contact with friends and acquaintances without delivering all my data (almost including my shoe size) to an external commercial organisation. OK, OK, I know I am doing that almost every day when I activate my computer, but there are limits ...

On September 8 of this year I desactivated the Facebook e-mails (invitations to join). I did it from the Dutch Facebook page.

Apparently, Dutch is a language they do not understand over there. I keep receiving invitations. I now desactivated the e-mails in French. I hope they will understand this last message, but I won't take a bet on it.


pablo said...

Lees ook : "Facebook knoeit weer met privacy" op http://www.standaard.be/artikel/detail.aspx?artikelid=C62JNCBO.

Bruno said...

Heb je ook dit gedaan:

Klik op "Instellingen"
Kies "Accountinstellingen"
Dan (helemaal onderaan:)
bij "Account stopzetten"
klik op "deactiveren".

pablo said...

Inderdaad : gedesactiveerd ; maar niet weggewist.