Winter festival of light

Much ado about nothing : in parts of the anglo-saxon world, it has become politically correct to do away with Christmas and replace it with a winter festival of light, so as not to offend the muslims and the jews. Religious associations and churches are offended by that evolution.

See for instance :

Some even talk about a cheap betrayal of our deepest roots.
Personally, I do not understand why christians oppose this evolution : first of all, Christmas celebrations have "degenerated" into a sort of "pagan" festival anyway ; they have lost most of their religious basis, which has been replaced with fake and schmalzty sentimentality, utter hypocrisy and crass commercialism. Secondly, the christians placed the commemoration of the birth of Our Lord in mid winter when light comes again in the dark world, so one could say that the secularised society is simply going back to its distant origins.

Again, to the large majority of our citizens, Christmas no longer is about the birth of Christ, but about having a "roaring good time". So let society at large celebrate its mid-winter festival of light, and let christians celebrate the deep religious meaning Christmas holds for them.

Peace to all and everyone.

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