Yesterday morning my free AVG anti-virusprogram informed me at start-up of my desktop that it had found a trojan horse PSW.Banker4.APSA. I looked that up on internet and came to understand - I am a computer illiterate - that it was not a trojan horse, but an error in an AVG update, which could liquidate an essential file for the start up of Windows thus paralysing the pc, which it had done in a number of instances.

I also read that the problem had been solved with a new AVG update. After installing the new update the problem could and would not arise any more. I did the update and used my pc, off and on, throughout the day.

Yesterday evening I cut the power for a small check of an appliance but forgot that I had not yet shut down my pc. When I tried to start it up again, it could not find Windows, exactly the problem AVG should have corrected with the update.

I have had to call in the help of a couple of good friends, who help me out at the slightest problem, usually by taking over my computer. But this time it was worse ; they had to come over because I ccould not start up at all and I did not have the required diskette - Windows came preinstalled on my pc - nor the required know how. That means they had to travel a significant distance by car in stormy weather ...

I'm quite sure they had a lot of other, more interesting things to do; still they immediately decided to come over and help me out, which they did.

Nice work AVG ! Thanks for ruining their day !!! Maybe I shall have to return to McAfee or to Symantec again ... My hair turns gray at that thought but I never had this type of inadmissable problem with them.

But most of all, thanks to my saviours !

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pablo said...

ANd right now, there appears to be another problem with the AVG updater ...

Anonymous said...

Nothing new. That happens from time to time - see internet : avg update problem.