From the BBC website :

"An edition of French magazine L'Express International has been banned in Morocco for allegedly insulting Islam. The Moroccan information minister said the issue breached the country's press code, but did not specify the precise content regarded as offensive."

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I'm beginning to believe that the only type of understanding that can be reached between the "West" and islamist countries, even moderate ones - is total surrender and adaptation to their requests.

When will we have the courage to stand up for our own values - but, hm, that's right, we do not have many of those left, except for political correctness and free market greed ...

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zure piet said...

Een relatief onschuldig voorbeeld : zo staan er iedere dag in de kranten :

"Een moslimkok die bij de Londense politie werkt, is naar de rechter gestapt omdat hij verplicht werd een kleine duizend echte Engelse ontbijtjes te maken met onder andere gebakken worstjes en bacon."

Iedereen moet zich maar aanpassen ...