American priorities

American banks cannot be saved from bankrupcy fast enough, American car makers will be saved, other industries are queuing; but the millions of Americans without health care insurance can continue to go to hell, because if they aren't insured, they do not want to be or have other priorities.

Taking from the rich to help the poor is un-American and un-patriotic. Taking from the poor to pamper the rich is ok. Which kind of a society is that ? Will Obama have the power to change that ? If he tries, he will be accused of destroying the fundaments of American society.

You see, that is one aspect of American society which I shall never understand. In my earlier years, when I wad madly in love with America and everything it stood for, more experienced colleagues told me: wait until you know them better and you will change your mind.

They were right ; I will never understand them, but that will not keep me from liking (some of) them.

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