" ... the fact that everybody is emphasising the fact the Obama is the first black American president just seems to me to prove how racist we all still are. Why couldn't we just have seen him as a young candidate with an engaging personality and a refreshingly different message. I bet you don't know the colour of his eyes, or whether he's right or left-handed? No neither do I, because it has no bearing on his fitness for the job. The fact that the colour of his skin seems to be a factor, shows that we still have a long way to go before we can claim to be non-racist. And then of course, we have Lewis Hamilton, the first black Formula 1 champion...

From : http://rndman.blogspot.com/.

How true that is !

That being said : I still don't like the guy because of some of his ethical and moral positions, his rhetorics and his pseudo-messianic stance, but I am getting very sick to the stomach when I read the comments on many blogs of the American right. Those guys and gals are simply full of hate and hogwash. They are right but not right at all.

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