Environmentally friendly

"The majority of consumers in Asia are skeptical about the motives behind companies that sponsor environmentally friendly initiatives, a global study published Tuesday claimed. Most believed companies only sponsor green initiatives to improve their public image or to sell more products rather than because they cared about the environment, the study of green perceptions, attitudes and behaviour concluded. "

Read : http://www.earthtimes.org/articles/show/242150,asians-skeptical-about-the-motives-of-companies-that-go-green.html.

The Asians are not the only skeptical ones !

Experience taught me that, in the annual report of companies, two chapters are almost never to be taken seriously : the HR page and the chapter on the environment. Elsewhere in the annual reports there may be window dressing galore, but these almost meaningless chapters are the (cheap) price the companies pay to appear politically correct. Nothing more, nothing less.

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jah wah deh said...

Corporate social responsability is a concern in most companies, but most certainly not a top priority.