Lest we forget

Today we commemorate that victory in Europe (VE Day) was celebrated on May 8, 1945. On that day the World War II allies formally accepted the unconditional surrender of the armed forces of nazi Germany. This meant the final end of Adolf Hitler's infamous third Reich.

On April 30th, Hitler committed suicide during the battle for Berlin, and the surrender of Germany was authorized by his replacement, president of Germany Karl Dönitz. The surrender was signed on May 7 in Reims, France and on May 8 in Berlin.

Let's not forget the millions upon millions of innocent people who were massacred and slaughtered by the criminal madness of one sick mind. Let's not forget the ease with which that crapulous monster conquered the minds of the German and Austrian peoples.

Let's not forget the sacrifice of the allied soldiers or resistants of all nations who gave their life or health for our freedom. Without their sacrifice, we might still be cowering under the nazi heel in a thoroughly barbarian Europe.

And let's not kid ourselves : it could happen again. Religious and economic-financial fundamentalism and crude nationalism are real dangers to our most cherished freedoms. And overzealous political correctness just might be one of the avenues leading to the victory of fundamentalism over reason. That would be a nasty surprise wouldn't it ?

Let's hope we never have to repeat the infamous German phrase : "Wir haben es nicht gewusst".

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