Incantation for May 10 1940

Sixty nine years ago, on a beautiful morning in May, the barbarians and huns of the self proclaimed German masterrace invaded the Benelux countries in their attack on France, thus avoiding the Maginot line. The light and joy of spring turned into death and destruction for millions of innocent people.

In September 1939, the Polish people had already been subjugated to the "boches" ; it now was the turn of western Europe to be crushed under the heel of nazi barbarianism. That horrendous nightmare was to last for about five years.

May all those directly and indirectly responsible for this catastrophy burn in hell for eternity and a day.

And may the present day super egos who - in the name of their false gods, or in their lust for gold and power - cherish similar plans be struck by hellish lightning and die the most horrible of deaths.

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