Friends ?

In my younger days, a friend used to be a person one knew well and regarded with affection and trust ; friendship was a very personal attitude one had to invest in ; friendship could be a real support in difficult times. Although one did not brag about one's friendships, any person who had more than ten friends was a charismatic wonder.

In my lifetime the word friend has been devalued and applied to mere acquintances and later to any person (m - f) one shared one's bed with.

Now, in the chatting, blogging, twittering and other universes the word has lost all meaning. The art is to "collect" as many virtual "friends" as possible ; and that takes so much time that one has no time left to invest in real friendships.

Unfortunately comparable evolutions have struck many other old fashioned words such as love, faith, marriage, honesty and so on and so on ; the list is almost endless.

Progress ? I sincerely doubt it.


lady B said...

Very confused and very contrarian.
I do not share your pessimist views on the topic. It all depends of the person you are and what you invest into friendship. For me, a friend is someone I know well, I love. I can not say all of my friends would be there immediately for me, as I would for them, but that's fine. My very best friends have been there, will and would be. Cheer up, Pablo, you are my friend and godfather! X

Pablo Carpintero said...

The proof of the pudding is in the eating. Apparently, some ingredients were missing in my recipe ...

So, thank you for your most kind reaction, but I'm afraid you missed the point I tried to make.

My mistake, not yours !

lady B said...

You are right that Twitter, Facebook etc provide chanece to interact and "befriend" people you do not know but it is good for networking or simply following people you find interesting.

BTW you're right, my mistake. ;)