During my recent trip I met a very nice and highly educated man whom I consider to be a dogmatic Flemish nationalist : "Belgiekse nikske" ; independence cannot come too soon ; let the Wallon bloodsuckers solve their own problems and so on and so forth.

I had not spoken to the likes of him since my university training and had forgotten that you cannot have a rational discussion with them. These people are handicapped to a degree : very often you can develop an excellent relationship with them as long as you do not touch upon "the question", but touch upon "the qestion" and things turn ugly.

They simply do not react to rational arguments or to pleas for solidarity : they repeat their nationalistic dogms as if these were unvariable and eternal truths. They live in a world of their own and cannot possibly see that their attitude is illogical, irrational, petty and bigoted. France and French speaking people are the source of all evil. They no longer see that the mariage of French and germanic culture is an essential part of Flemish history. Flemings who do not share their point of view are traitors ; yes, traitors to their people ! ... So be it : I am a traitor, and proud to be !!

As to the chances of Belgium, I am seeing the future in ever blacker colors. With a lot of yellow, but certainly no red. Poor Flanders, poor Belgium !


Anonymous said...

A dogmatic nationalist ? Why repeat the evident ?

Pablo Carpintero said...

On July 11, the Flemish "national" holiday I was reminded (quite forcefully) of the legend that without the battle of the golden spurs in Courtrai on July 11 1302 the Flemish language and the Flemish culture would have been fully eradicated by the French imperialists.

That is an extremely debatable point, not to state an outright lie.

But even if that had been true : so what ? What is so special about Flanders ?

pablo said...

The more I think about the guy, the more I pity him because he is a nice bloke, but the scarier I get because there are more and more of them around.