"Germany's domestic intelligence service has started a program for Islamic radicals who want help to quit extremism.The program started Monday and addresses people who believe in a "fanatic, violent ideology ... based on Islam."
The program called HATIF — meaning phone in Arabic — aims to help extremists to leave behind their fanatical environment.
They can contact members of the intelligence service online or call a specific number.
The agency — which says it is guaranteeing confidentiality — says it wants to help people get out by supporting them with finding jobs or moving to a different place.
The intelligence service estimates there are more than 36,000 Islamic extremists in Germany but only a fraction are considered potentially violent."

Read : http://www.usatoday.com/news/world/2010-07-19-germany-extremists-islamic_N.htm.

A pity they didn't think of such a program in the twenties and the thirties of last century !

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