American conservatives

American conservatives are among the worst you can find worldwide, none excluded. You can find hundreds of new exemples on the internet every day.

But the preceeding image is one of the worst I have seen recently. It drips ill will, sheer malice and dishonesty. It makes me want to puke.
I do not like the "prophet" Obama, but this image is outright scandalous. BP ? Never heard of it ! Free market greed ? No, the guy in the White House is to blame. And, I repeat, there are hundreds of posts like that every day. Are there no lobel laws in the country of the "laaa" ?

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Pablo Carpintero said...

"It must have been a little disappointing for those Russian spies to have watched what happened here over the last few years after having invested so much time in trying to help topple the world’s only super power, a super power that seems intent on toppling itself."

Stolen from :

That empire indeed seems intent on toppling itself !