The euro again

I can't say I am surprised that the problems with the euro are surfacing again. The people who read my blog will understand that. But I am surprised that it is happening so soon and so fast.

But then, the declarations of some high-placed people, including Noble prize winners for economics, at least one American ex central banker, and loads media gurus and politicians are not helping.

And I am starting to wonder whether the Germans, at the highest level, aren't doing everything in their power to scupper the euro. Either that, or they are much more perfidious (or is it stupid ?) than I thought they were.

I know they think they are so much better than us and that it is their sacred duty and destiny to rule Europe. But ruling a dunghill or a society in ruins is not a victory ... I wonder whether they will ever understand that.

Or am I a paranoiac ?


Dr dr Pisse Vinaigre said...

Of course you are !

Pablo Carpintero said...

Thank you. I will remember you !

Pablo Carpintero said...

En nu ook Trichet. Zie :

Wat bezielt die mensen ?

Pablo Carpintero said...

Leterme maant Merkel tot discretie over euro aan.

Lees :

Dus heel nu en dan doet die man toch eens iets verstandigs.

Pablo Carpintero said...

Germany moves against short selling. A smart move were it not that they completely ignored the rest of the EU in that decision.

Read :

They are the masters - let no one forget that !