I'm not going to write much more about the near sinking of the Roman catholic church in Flanders. But a quotation struck me :

"The rampant pedophilia and child abuse in the Belgian Church is not, as some say, caused by structural inadequacies, but by individuals who refused to assume their responsibility. Each teacher or head of a school, each parish priest, bishop or archbishop who refused to take remarks or complaints by parents seriously, who neglected to take measures in their school, parish or diocese, has contributed to the culture in which pedophiles could do as they pleased and destroy the lives of hundreds, thousands of children and their families."

Not from my favorite source, but at least partly true.
Read :

And discussing celibacy once more will not change that. We must stay focused on the matter at hand : how to help the victims and how to punish the criminals and those who abetted them.

A christian must forgive in conscience ; but that does not mean that abominable crimes must be swept under the carpet ... It is not because a rapist or a murderer confessed his or her sins/crimes that justice has been done !!


Anonymous said...

Wolleke twee roert zich al in de schermen.

Pablo Carpintero said...

Vangheluwe maakte mogelijks een derde en vierde slachtoffer. Lees :

Nee, de man maakte duizenden slachtoffers onder de goed gelovigen die nu zwaar beproefd worden in hun geloof. Die man is Satan in bisschopskleren. Waarop wacht het Vaticaan nog ?

Anonymous said...

Een van de ruiters van de apocalyps ?

Pablo Carpintero said...

Bij een eerste publiek optreden wist kardinaal wolletje te vertellen dat de kerk al veel ergere crisissen heeft doorstaan.

Lees :

Toen hij moest spreken zweeg hij ; nu heeft hij een kans gemist om te zwijgen.

Ze hebben het nog altijd niet echt begrepen !