I like English whodunits. There are great classics like Morse, and to a lesser degree, Frost.

The VRT treats us – once again - on “Midsomer murders”. Given recent bad weather and my appetite for whodunits, I have watched a good number of episodes. I can stand the repeats because I never can remember who was the culprit.

Midsumer murders is in a class of its own : it combines nice idyllic houses and landscapes with average acting and weak scenarios.

It features some of the worst policemen ever : in each episode there are three or four murders before the professionals find the killer(s), and never once have the cops been questioned about their utter incompetence. Each episode crawls with improbabilities and bulges with incoherences. Sloppy, sloppy !!

But, what the heck. It’s a nice pass time after all.


Anonymous said...

Nog altijd stukken beter dan de zoveelste billenshow, pardon, tennisreportage.

Pablo Carpintero said...

Of dan Villa Politica. Echt slaapverwekkend.