"Will the euro survive the Greek crisis ?" Read :

I partly agree with the analysis, but the author seems to be almost unaware of greater dangers to the euro than the Greek crisis. Greece is but a first small fish, compared to Spain, Italy, Ireland, Portugal ...

The author, known for his extremist ideas, not only in the field of economics, does not really strengthen his argument by quoting Noble prize winner Milton Friedman :

When the euro was introduced in 1999, Nobel Prize winner Milton Friedman wrote to his friend, the Italian economist Antonio Martino: “As you know, I am very negative about the euro and I am very doubtful about how it will work out. However, I am less pessimistic about it now than I was earlier simply because I never expected that the various countries would display the kind of discipline that was required in order to qualify for the euro.”

as if Friedman were the ultimate authority in the matter.

There is of course no clear conclusion, one way or the other, to the article.

And the last sentence is total cr*p : "When politicians decide to rule economic and monetary issues, the results are usually catastrophic."

I agree ! But when bankers and economists do it, the results can be far worse ! Look for instance at the catastrophic influence which the skewed extremist ideas of Friedman and the School of Chicago had on the world economy ...

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