The more I know about America, the less I understand it.

As I am browsing through some websites I am struck by the ideological (and racial) sheer white-hot hatred that a significant part of the population has for its president. I just saw another list of insults that speaks for itself - and against its author. By the way, I am not going to "honour" the "lady" who wrote that list with a link.

What is the worst insult in America : "a full blown socialist" or an idiot ? What do you think ?

The more I think about it, the more convinced I am : the end of American leadership (hegemony) is at hand. America is being reduced to a military armour, but there is nothing much left in it. As we say in Flemish : "vergane glorie".

My heart bleeds. No, really, it does - because I do not see another power taking up de flag of liberty and justice. Certainly not Europe ...

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pablo said...

I remember that almost twenty years ago, when my colleagues said that American power and empire was waning, I declared them blind and mad.

It was I who was blind (and mad ?).