De Schepper

One of my great grandmothers was Joanna Maria (Leontien) De Schepper in Meerbeke, the mother of my paternal grandmother. I already knew Leontien's paternal grandfather and grandmother, but there it stopped for the De Schepper family.

Leontien's mother of course was Antonia De Vidts, an elder sister of my mother's maternal grandfather Felix De Vidts. I explained this in detail in a number of earlier posts. I can trace that De Vidts line back to the early sixteen hundreds.

But as stated before, the line of the De Schepper's stopped with Joanna Maria's grandfather Judocus. Today, digging through the data of Rik Van Hauwe, I found - quite by accident - a link to Rita Van Isveldt's data for Pamel, which allowed me to add seven generations to the De Schepper line : seven couples and their children. Not bad for one day's work, isn't it ? So, another line is opened up to the early 1600s.

My eyes are terribly tired. But that's OK : the winnings are great ! Details will follow.

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