Sic transit gloria mundi (bis)

Sic transit gloria mundi : my post of January 16 2009. It is now confirmed that Heidelbergcement has serious problems refinancing its debt.

See :

In the meantime, it becomes more and more probable that the survival of the Merckle group will include the sale of its controlling share in HeidelbergCement.

See :;2304397.

"Bereits im Januar musste sich Merckle zum Verkauf der Pharmafirma Ratiopharm verpflichten. Ferner soll sich die Gruppe auf Druck der Banken von ihren Anteilen an Heidelberg Cement und voraussichtlich auch vom Pharmahändler Phoenix trennen. Formale Verkaufsprozesse werden voraussichtlich erst im zweiten Halbjahr anlaufen."

Not a nice evolution ... but as an (interested) observer, I am most curious to see who will buy what.

From the website of HeidelbergCement :
HeidelbergCement is the global market leader in aggregates and a prominent player in the fields of cement, concrete and other downstream activities, making it one of the world’s largest manufacturers of building materials. The company employs some 60,000 people at 2,600 locations in around 50 countries.

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Saved for the time being ?

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