The beginning of the end

Yesterday afternoon I almost quarreled with some close relations who can or will not understand how I can continue to consider myself a loyal Belgian. Not much needed to start a heated discussion these days ...

And please, believe you me, those people are (were) no extremists. Some of them consider themselves to be brimming with understanding and compassion for every single human being, as long as these do not live in Brussels or in southern Belgium. They think it is high time to kick out the Walloons, the arrogant "Brusseleers" and other "fransquillons". They believe it is time to stop paying through our noses for the scandals and extravaganza's of the south.

In less than a decade the perfidious influence of media and politicians have turned around a very significant part part of the tolerant - or indifferent - Flemish population into a herd of half blind (f)lemmings. Flanders is shifting, and shifting rapidly. A stupid and dangerous move if you ask me.

But when a dangerous nincompoop like Mangain once more puts into question the delicate equilibria in this country, (see and when apparently he is followed by herds of flemish eating Brusseleers, even I am starting to think that it may be time to cut the umbilical cord.

OK, I know it's election time. But I do not like being kicked in the shins time and again.

So the thought comes : severe the links and let them float away - to hell if needed.


Pablo Carpintero said...

We badly need some tolerance and common sense on all sides.

But apparently that is too tall an order, even in the period of Pentecost.

Pablo Carpintero said...

Naar het schijnt springt nu ook de alomtegenwoordige Reynders op de kar van zijn politieke verwante, de FDF hogepriester.

Zie :

Voor één keer ben ik het volledig eens met de "leider" van een super-flaamse partij die zelf een enorme verantwoordelijkheid draagt in de huidige politieke verlamming. De uitspraak van Reynders is van een onvoorstelbare arrogantie.

Met dat soort mensen - aan beide zijden - is er inderdaad geen zee meer te bezeilen.

Anonymous said...

Herrieschoppers rechts en averechts, voor en achter ...