Meerbeke 1757 : Timmermans

The publication of the Status Animarum gives us the opportunity to list all the Timmermans who were living in Meerbeke in 1757.

Plaets : Philippus Timmermans x Petronilla Jans and children : Petrus 8 years ; Joannes 7 years ; Catharina 4 years ; Maria Anna 2 years ; Joanna 6 months. This Philippus may have been a son of Joannes, mentioned under Poelck.

De Godtshuysen : Maria Hetvelt vidua N. Stevens (m.i. Francis) and het daughter Isabella. Judocus Timmermans lives in the same house.

Valleystraete : Petrus De Schepper x Petronella Timmermans and his sister Anna De Schepper. Children : Adrianus ; Joanna 13 years ; Adriana 10 years ; Maria Anna 7 years ; Cornelius 2 years.

Joannes Timmermans x Petronilla Schandevel and children : Sebastianus 12 years ; Judocus 10 years ; Judoca 9 years ; Petronilla 8 years ; Anna Maria 5 years ; Maria Joanna 2 years. This Joannes may have been a son of Joannes mentioned under Poelck.

Adrianus Timmermans x Petronilla Crins and children : Judocus 11 years ; Catharina 10 years ; Sebastianus 6 years ; Joannes 5 years ; Francis 2 years.

Ten Berghe : my direct ancestors Nicolaas Timmermans x Petronella Van Eesbeeck (his first wife) and their children : Jan Baptiste, Philippus, Jacobus and Joannes Josephus. I descend from their son Philippus.

Ternath (op het plateau) : Christianus Van Eesbeeck x Barbara De Muylder and children Guilielmus 5 years and Clara Anna 16 months. Maid : Joanna Timmermans 13 years (it was no exception at all to be a maid at that young age).

Hoesbeeck : Joannes Vanden Berghe x Maria Anna Timmermans and son Philippus 1 year.

Poulck : Albertus Timmermans x Catharina Uijtenhove and children Joannes, Catharina, Maria Anna, Barbara 9 years ; Joanna 6 years. Albertus may have been a son of Joannes, who follows.

Joannes Timmermans x Maria Anna De Vleeschauwer, item Christianus Vanden Berghe x Barbara Timmermans and son Joannes (Vanden Berghe) 3 years old. Joannes was the father of the forementioned Nicolaas. He came from Gooik and was the first of our "tribe" to settle in Meerbeke. In 1757 he was over 70 years old. Barbara was his daughter.

Petrus De Beys x Catharina Timmermans and children Judocus 12 years ; Joannes 5 years ; Maria Anna 3 years ; Petronella 1 year. Catharina may have been a daughter of Joannes, mentioned under Poelck.

Denderstraete : Joannes Timmermans x Maria Barbara Jouré and children. This Joannes might have been the son of Joannes (Poelck) instead of the Joannes in the Valleistraat.

Guilielmus Stevens x Petronella Timmermans and childen Elisabeth ; Nicolaas ; Anna Catharina 12 years ; Jan Baptiste 8 years ; Petronilla 4 years ; Petrus Joannes 1 year.

I now have the very agreeable job to puzzle out the relationships between these various families. As I wrote before, my own research on Meerbeke is very incomplete for the 19th and most certainly for the 18th centuries. I haven't yet reconstructed the whole families (parents + all children) of my direct ancestors.

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