Holy sh** !

Ryanair says it is serious about plans to charge passengers for using the toilet on its aircraft.
“It’s going to happen,” chief executive Michael O’Leary told journalists yesterday about the proposal, which garnered huge publicity worldwide when he threw it out as a vague possibility last week.

Mr O’Leary said aircraft manufacturers had told him there were technical and safety issues about using a coin-operated system on toilet doors, so the proposal now was that passengers would swipe a credit card to gain entry.

He said that if the airline was prevented from charging passengers on the way in to the toilet, it would impose the charge when they were on the way out. It would also impose soiling charges where appropriate.

From : http://www.irishtimes.com/newspaper/ireland/2009/0306/1224242371838.html?via=mr.

The website Crooked Timber rightly comments on captive markets. This is a schoolbook exemple. How come no free market genius thought about it before ?

By the way, I have never flown Ryanair and I never will.

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