A distinct possibility

I wrote before that I descend from Joannes Timmermans (Gooik 1686 - Meerbeke 1769) and his wife Maria Anna De Vleeschauwer (Meerbeke 1683 - 1761) through their son Nicolaas (Meerbeke 1711 - 1808) and his first wife Petronella Van Eesbeeck (Eesbeke) who was born in Meerbeke in 1706 and died there in 1772.

Nicolaas had approximately 12 children with his two wifes - I haven't finalised my count yet because my research remains incomplete ; Philippus was born in Meerbeke in 1740.

I also descend from a Barbara Timmermans, spouse of Christianus Vanden Berghe. I was not sure where to link that Barbara, if at all. It now appears more than likely that this Barbara was the younger daughter of Joannes because according to the Status Animarum they lived under the same roof. That daughter was born in 1726.

Barbara's daughter Petronella Vanden Berghe (Meerbeke 1766 - 1824) became the second wife of Philippus Timmermans - they were cousins ("cousings germains"). If this probable hypothesis is correct I descend twice from Joannes and Maria Anna, and one more open link in my ancestry will be closed.

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