The last couple of days I have been working on the "Gezinsreconstructies 1599 - 1833" for Lieferinge prepared by Edward De Geyter.

This is not the first time I express my utter gratitude to the many people who have dug in dusty, sometimes almost illegible parish registers to come up with the composition, through time, of the various families who have lived in a given parish. Without them, genealogy would be a thousand times more difficult. One still has to check the data, but at least one has a path to follow.

I am interested in de Van den Houte family in Lieferinge. My great great grandmother Anna Maria Van den Houte was born there in 1825.

In the parish registers I scan all the articles mentioning the Van den Houte name to see if there is any link to my ancestry.

I found a couple Breyssens Gaspar x Van den Haute Joanna. Joanna died in 1727 and her name then was written down as Van Authem. Minor problem (the variations of the name in the different acts are huge).

I didn't find a link with my "tribe" yet, but I discovered a possible drama.

Joanna Van den Houte was buried on October 12 1727 ; her ninth and last child Anna Maria Breyssens was baptised on October 11 1727 and was buried on November 2 1727. The mother probably died in childbirth , and the kid didn't make it either.

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