Stupid statistics

In my lifetime, and up to now, there were:

  • 24.887 days ;
  • 45 Belgian governments (give or take one or two) ;
  • 13 presidents of the USA : Franklin D. Roosevelt ; Harry S. Truman ; Dwight D. Eisenhower ; John F. Kennedy ; Lyndon Johnson ; Richard Nixon ; Gerald Ford ; James Carter ; Ronald Reagan ; George H. W. Bush ; William J. Clinton ; George W. Bush ; Barack H. Obama ;
  • 6 popes : Pius XII, John XXIII , Paul VI, John Paul I, John Paul II, Benedict XVI ;
  • 3 kings of the Belgians : Leopold III, Boudewijn I, Albert II ;
  • 2 currencies : Belgian franc, euro.
I lived in 6 locations (military service not included), had two employers and 7 consecutive direct bosses, generally nice guys. Maybe I shall tell some stories about them later ...
I spent zero nights in hospital (nothing to do with the employers or the bosses).

And none of the foregoing was entirely of my own doing, but I'm rather proud of the last one.

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