We are truly inundated with and submerged in Australian reality tv series. Pure crap. I used to like the Australian lingo, but I can no longer hear it.

We are truly inundated with and submerged in British reality tv series. Pure crap. I used enjoy the BBC with its queen English : now I hear you get a pink slip when you speak it.

We are truly inundated with and submerged in American crap tv soap series. One must have iron nerves to stand them.

And we are inundated with Flemish clones of all the above in the terrible "verkavelingsvlaams". One thing is more terrible still : political programs.

Hell exists : it is right here and now.

And worst of all is the unending stream of infantile tv publicity on all stations. What a world.

We barely see Dutch tv programs : perhaps that's a good thing. Almost no German tv programs either : I definitely know that's a good thing. When one has seen one carnival program on German tv, one is marked for life.

Our southern neighbour France has much to offer, but clearly their produce is not welcome here ; and Walloon offers are accepted once in a blue moon as if that represented a huge sacrifice ; say one program every year.

We float on a sea of foreign and domestic shit and the very exceptional gold nuggets often just sink in the shit.

And I haven't even commented on the eternal sports programs (cycling, tennis and soccer over here, darts, bowling, skating etc. elsewhere).

From tv shit deliver us Lord. Fortunately, there still is an off switch, but I heard they plan doing away with that.

In France they have a good word for the influence of tv on mankind : c'est abrutissant.

By the way, I apologise for the use of the words shit and crap. A well turned pile is so much more interesting to look at than most tv programs.


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