Ancestor chart

On January 15 1843, Maria Anna Geeroms, a great-grandmother of my great-grandfather Hermilianus Neukermans, died in Impegem and was buried in Okegem. She had been born in Impegem on November 8 1768.

I know nothing about her ascendance beyond the names of her father and mother. But there is a significant chance that her father Andreas was born in Gooik. In Gooik, at that time, two Andreas Geeroms should be considered. The first one was born in 1738, the other one in 1765, but both had the same paternal grandparents.

If I were able to prove that link to Gooik, I would be able to document two additional generations at least.

And there are lots of other lines in my ancestor chart which could be developed much further.

For those of you who thought that the virus had died away : no, not at all ! It keeps working me almost incessantly, but my eyesight is not getting any better ...

I cannot possibly focus on bad microfilms for hours on end or, for that matter, work with a computer screen for hours on end, and I avoid driving as much as possible ; driving to Beveren or to Leuven for a couple of hours of research is not really a good use of time and resources.

So nothing much is happening, but hopefully that might change in the not too distant future : the jury is still out on that one.

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