June 6

When I stepped on the coach last Sunday I realized that I had forgotten to post an article concerning D-day, June 6 1944, now 66 years ago.

As the media do their very best to forget this - one of the - most important days in recent history, I felt I should have remembered in due time.

In loving memory of all those who helped free us from the nazi-German dictatorship, without doubt the cruelest and most inhuman and bestial regime in recent history. (I hear you grumble about the Soviet regime ... OK, there is not much to chose from between the two fo them, but the soviets did not start the second world war and were less systematic in their butchery ...).

And with my deepest disdain for all those in this petty narrow-minded bigoted region of ours, whose forebears fell for the lure of the German "thousand year reich" and who still are burning with hatred for Belgium and thirsting for revenge.

Hopefully tomorrow, june 13, will not see them partly satisfied.

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pablo said...

Wat gebeurd is is gebeurd. Maar zelfs mijn niet echt objectieve "kwaliteits"-krant weet (over een wit konijn) :

"Maar vooral : hij wordt de spreekbeus van de schare nieuwkomers die beweging in de tent willn zien, maar die niet behept zijn met de romantische of revanchistische sentimenten die het politiek inzicht van zoveel Vlaamse bewegers al decennia vertroebelen."

Ah, ge weet het !!