Irreparable harm

"A federal judge on Tuesday struck down the Obama administration's ban on deep-water drilling and rebuked the government for imposing a moratorium that would cause 'irreparable harm to businesses' along the Gulf Coast."

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American justice is a true copy of American society : both are infeuded to the false gods of profit maximisation and free market globalisation.

How about the irreparable harm to the environment ? Are the interests of some grab-greedy multinationals of a higher order that the interests of the rest of the world ?


Pablo Carpintero said...

American capitalism has developed genial defenses. Because it succeeded in making everyone believe that he or she can make it in America (make it = become stinking rich ; noting else counts) it has broken down almost all resistance to its own excesses.

pablo said...

America is a deeply religious society . Americans believe in Money, Guns and god, in that order.

pablo said...

The entire US foreign policy position is very intertwined with protecting the free trade international corporate business and expanding our military empire so that we physically control all the sources of energy we import. This dual-purpose use of US physical and diplomatic power has led to the internal collapse of our own economy, finances and systems. Now, we are seeking fossil fuel energy sources within the nation and this leads to ecological disasters some of which are still very much hidden from view but thanks to the internet, we can learn more about it.

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pablo said...

"De rechter die het moratorium van de Amerikaanse president Barack Obama op diepzeeboringen in de Golf van Mexico nietig verklaarde, had belangen in de olieindustrie.
Zo had hij belangen in Transocean, dat het boorplatform Deepwater Horizon leasede aan BP, voor het op 20 april ontplofte en zonk. Dat blijkt uit zijn financieel rapport van 2008, waarover meerdere media berichtten."

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oily sh** said...

Greed eats out the brain. Or at least it evaporates common sense.