I have kept relatively silent about the genocide which is perpetrated on the population of that poor country by its leading clique. Those criminals have destroyed one of the most prosperous economies in Africa and now they are killing off their own people.

Protestations across the world have risen to a level previously unknown. Other African regimes, who supported the sinister mass murderer who claims to be the enlightened leader of that poor sad country, are reconsidering their position.

Now one of his puppets, a so called top official, has blamed his country's spreading cholera outbreak on what he calls "a genocidal onslaught" by Zimbabwe's former colonial ruler - Britain.

Read : http://edition.cnn.com/2008/WORLD/africa/12/12/zimbabwe.mugabe/index.html.

That is the summit of sarcasm and cynicism by those lying, killing and thieving bastards ! It is high time that this would be "führer" and his clique be removed, by legal means if possible, by brutal force if necessary.

But this is Africa : Zimbabwe, Darfour, eastern Congo ... we continue dozing in our comfortable beds or react when it is way too late.

Why are we so blind ? Because there is no oil there.

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