The world is not completely mad yet ! From The Economist :

'Some people would say it was tantamount to foxes asking to be consulted about the welfare of chickens. But the global tobacco industry, while no longer denying that its products do terrible damage, has long insisted that in any discussion about how to limit the medical effects of the weed, it is a legitimate partner.

That claim was emphatically rejected by health officials from 160 countries after a week’s deliberation in South Africa which concluded on November 22nd. In a statement that grew steadily tougher in the course of the meeting—to the dismay of cigarette firms and the delight of their adversaries—it was proclaimed that there is a “fundamental and irreconcilable conflict” between the interests of the tobacco industry and the cause of public health.'

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A step in the right direction at least. But let's remain vigilant, lest our leaders forget that there are many other sectors of activity who have "earned" a similar dressing down !

In how may specified cases has health been more important than profit ? And in how many specified cases has profit been more important than health ? I rest my case.

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