Belgian fries

Believe it or not, today sees the start of the week of the Belgian fries.

As I wrote a couple of days ago, anything goes to to get into the media.

See :

Or, if you are addicted :

I would be glad to hear that Vlam, Vlaams Centrum voor Agro- en Visserijmarketing, did not put some of my tax money in that stupid and useless initiative.

Belgian fries are bad for one's health, but we all know that they will continue to sell themselves without outside help, because if you can find good ones (which is becoming a problem even in Belgium) they are absolutely tasty. Yumyum.


davy said...

voor mij een groot pak met zout, stoofvleessaus en ne cervela gebakken!!
(een blikse cola mag er ook nog bij...)

Pablo Carpintero said...


davy said...

dank u.